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Hight precision for XXL parts machining 


USIMAX is a compagny specialized  in  the  production  of  large  and  heavy  technical  parts. 
Based in the Rhône-Alpes  region, USIMAX is installed on a 1'000 m  site, equipped with a high precision lathe, a first ever in France. 


Founded in July 2014, USIMAX is for markets such has Energy, car industry, petroleum industry...



" A nonstandard treatment unit for imposing technical parts "


USIMAX's infrastructure feature a travelling crane, a bi-spindle digital processing lathe and a large storage area.


The NT6600 Mori Seiki processing lathe has 5-axis and weighs 56 tons. It is capable of processing with hight precision, parts up to 10 tons that could measure up to 6-meter long and 1-meter diameter. This lath is one of the largest machines of its category installed in France.


USIMAX is at the cutting edge of technical progress: a high precision processing lathe, including an incorporated system for parts measurement.


Full integrated with a mobile control panel the process allows: 


  • The supression of delay between each step

  • The reduction of semi-finished products

  • The reduction of set up time

  • The elimination of vibration


The turn-mill center with numerous axes offers an optimal process for machining technical parts made of steel, cast-iron, aluminum, brass, and bronze. Thanks to this technology combined with the integrated chamber and the contdrol of thermic dilatation, the performances and the precision are f unmatched quality.


This innovative and performing solution shows USIMAX's technologic quest and its reactivity towards the constraints and needs of the market. USIMAX has already convinced several companies from various sectors. These first contacts will allow USIMAX to benefit from a powerful boost for the coming years. This facility will also favor the growth of MTB's production capacities.

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